WHITE BUFFALO STANDS | Mt. Shasta, California 2016

Burton Fisher, Jr., also known as Hodawanes or “White Buffalo Stands,” is a full-blooded Northern Cheyenne tribal member, Hereditary Chief from both his mother and father’s lineage.  He is the 7th Generation Drum Keeper for his tribe, and a Suhd’da fasting priest, having earned his “paints” through sacrifice in ceremony.

Burton comes from a long line of medicine people and singers, the keepers of the sacred healing songs for his tribe.  Burton was educated in the sacred ways of these prayer songs, first by his Grandparents–who taught him the importance of expanding the family’s songs and the Fisher family’s responsibility of keeping them for the tribe.  He has maintained communion with the plants, the animals and the Universe–as they are the ones who give the songs.

The ii is currently developing a short documentary to be released sometime in 2017.